Tall, strong, intelligent, handsome and elegant are just some of the words Leonardo da Vinci’s contemporaries would have used to describe him. Famed for imagining the inventions of the future such as the automobile, the helicopter, the diving suit and the parachute, Da Vinci is also known for having invented objects which, though less complex, have proven to be no less important.



There are many similarities between painting and cinema, joking about it, we could say that painting is an art less democratic than the cinema. A paint by Kostabi , for example, would cost much more than an artwork  create by a modest painter, while seeing a Fellini‘s movie in the cinema or on DVD would cost as much as the film   directed by a beginner .

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Leonardo Da Vinci divided movements into “material” and “spiritual”, or into visible and invisible. While smiling, the human face shows a visible motion/change, on the contrary when you get  old and wrinkles appear, changes are imperceptible therefore invisible. Landslides and earthquakes are visible movements of the earth, erosions and the mountain rising are invisible changes.