Cinema and painting, understanding the costs and taste the value

There are many similarities between painting and cinema, joking about it, we could say that painting is an art less democratic than the cinema. A paint by Kostabi , for example, would cost much more than an artwork  create by a modest painter, while seeing a Fellini‘s movie in the cinema or on DVD would cost as much as the film   directed by a beginner .


The cinemas is considered an industry that makes products accessible to a wide community just because  this community finances  and therefore can be considered an art more democratic than painting. Art galleries, such as cinema, give back to all social backgrounds the beauty of a painting priceless, but as a film can be reproduced and used countless times and simultaneously, a painting, a sculpture or a drawing can not be perfectly reproduced and they cannot even be exposed in multiple places at the same time.

Today has been lost large part of pleasure to admiring a painting. Many people come to museums to see the largest number of works but not to observe the artwork . Hundreds of visitors march in fits and starts but could not really focus on any paint. Many art critics advise museums to subscribe at its own nationals to limit these marathons that have nothing cultural. It should go several times in the same museum for one hour only for admire one or two works.

Many tourists in fact, knowing  it will be difficult for them to return to revisit the Louvre, the Prado museum or any other far from home,they think more to quantity than quality  observing the artwork. On Friday the National Gellery London remains open from ten in the morning until nine at night and many tourists visit it for more than eight hours and at the  end  they  are  exhausted.  Imagine  these  people  in a multi-screen cinema watching four or eight hours movies.

They would come out definitely less physically tired from a marathon, including paintings and sculptures, but also mentally ttired. Let’s review the film, painting, sculpture and all the art in general not like a fashion to follow, but as an asset to be discovered. Behind every work there is the  dedication of the woman or the man who conceived it, the work of intellectuals who give to the world their greatest asset: their emotions.

Luca Caricato